[3.11] Enki's Arc Witch - a beginner & SSF-friendly Lightning Caster

micheilsgrey написал:
I think gloves and ring is your weakest items right now. Especialy gloves. Get fingerless ones ideal as elder +84 ilvl with attack and cast speed. For start i would buy now cheap ilvl 84 gloves for 5c get 20 - 30 essence of gree 1c per and craft good gloves with res and hp and maybe attack speed. And get opal ring with res and hp at least. Ideal with hp, res, Lightnning dmg from essence craft.

Is this a good enough of an upgrade compared to my previous gloves?
I plan on using leo to fill up the remaining 2 prefix slots.

Hey i am doing this build and i got some gear i am still pretty nooby with the upgrades could someone check out my gear and tell me what to upgrade? Just what pieces or gems or anything, Thank you very much! Take care and thanks for the guide.

someone could enter my profile and tell me if my helmet to which you would resist cold resistance is fine or shoul i scouring, alts... ?

ty guys !

PD: and if you can comment something about the jewelry, sry for my bad english
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Hey Enki,

I have followed your build guide, i still have some difficulty in the boss fight. Can you advice me what should i change?

I appreciate your Build and need to say you did a great Job!

Exile DarkAddict

Hi fellow exiles!
What you guys think of my setup? What should i improve first?
Any advise will be helpful.

@enki91 @PerkyPsycho Hey, I was thinking if it would be worth mentioning in the dagger craft the use of Imprinting beasts. Basically if you're trying to craft the more expensive dagger you want the elemental chaos + penetration which is very expensive to roll and will probably cost multiple exalts to get. And then it would be extremely painful to loose that roll with a bad annul. So now we're allowed to trade beasts again so you can buy "Craicic Chimeral" for about 75c and imprint the expensive base and restore it back on a bad annul as an insurance. I've not tried this and thinking that in theory this should work unless I'm missing something?
blg_RealiZe написал:
I actually have a question for onc. PoB says LS has a 1s strike time, and the gem reads .35s. Is the discrepancy in that it strikes 3 locations? It also seems to be doing much more dps than PoB would have me believe.

Idk how to calculate lightning spire correctly
I have "strikes 3 areas every 0.1 seconds"
So if the target is staying on top of 3 lightning spire traps and taking all the damage from it, then:
3 (strikes) * average hit * 10 = DPS
I have 119k average hit (with "enemy is shocked", because I shock him with my arc)
So I have 119000*3*10 = 3.57 mil DPS per trap? And 10.7 mil with 3 traps?
I mean, it feels like a lot of DPS, I'm able to kill t16 bosses in a few seconds but 10 mil.. idk

p.s. Its even without enabled flasks

Dang...I need to double check PoB then. In any case it “feels” like each trap does about 600-800k dps, far cry from 3.57 mil. And you’re doing all that without a trap build.

Edit: Hovering over the tooltip in PoB it's reading .1s activation time. I'm guessing this is either hard cap or the tooltip just won't reflect anything lower. But I'm still getting different readings for cast time and throw time, so if I had to venture a guess cast time is me casting, throw time is it in the air and arming, and PoB simply won't display the activation frequency.

But with a .1s activation it puts the traps a little below my earlier estimate.
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Hey guys, im looking to improve my gear. I have cleared everything up to Shaper. I know my daggers need improvements, so im trying to gain currency and craft some good ones right now.

Any advice is much appreciated.

censorr написал:
Hey guys, im looking to improve my gear. I have cleared everything up to Shaper. I know my daggers need improvements, so im trying to gain currency and craft some good ones right now.

Any advice is much appreciated.

1) Helm needs more life/mana + lightning damage to spells
2) neck is quite weak also the craft is to attacks not spells so it does nothing for you. you want 30+% spell/light dmg on it.
3) ring is low life low mana. craft does nothing for you. low resists. try to get similar with 16% to all resists.
4) gloves are nice but get cast speed on them.
5) belt enchant does nothing for you. get a belt without flask duration but with all other stats and roll 16% duration with a craft on it.
6) maybe get a bit more chaos resists try to get closer to 0.
7) for daggers try the triggered skill craft + onslaught/culling strike trick/stormbrand combo.
Hey Enki,

I really liked your setup for daggers triggered spell combo. I've used it quite a bit and noticed u recently crafted "budget" daggers and stopped using this combo however the guide mentions to check your profile :] I think it would be great to mention this combo in the guide in more depth. It's a really nice way to boost DSP before being able to craft your own daggers. Also the arcane surge craft on daggers too.

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