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Upgraded some stuff today and built a new AG with Mask of the Stitched Demon.

He is bulletprrof in Simulacrum Wave 20 now. Doesn't even lose life with Grave Intentions and a Chest with extra energy shield.

What do you do to keep your Spectres (Chieftans) alive? Supporting it with just blood magic means they die a lot.
I've only been in T14 so far and no real bosses, but my spectres never die. All of my 3 spectres have fortify now since i crafted ANOTHER decent item... Lucky day.

rly nice build ty!
Siza1337 написал:
I've only been in T14 so far and no real bosses, but my spectres never die. All of my 3 spectres have fortify now since i crafted ANOTHER decent item... Lucky day.

Fortify Boots are a nice idea if you lack expensive AG.
Either that or socket them into a Elder Helmet with increased minion life.

Mine are still in the boots though without any support.
They chieftains are quite tanky with the ES from Grave Intentions and added chaos res but my Retainers sometimes die.

Somehow the probability for 21 or 23 gems with Vaaling seems nerfed.
Last league I corrupted maybe 8 and got 6 with either 21 or 23 quality. Now it seems the other way round.
Последняя редакция: K4P0T. Время: 28 марта 2020 г., 6:48:08
My AG has a kingmaker and belly of the beast - but he is supported by meatshield, so he just hangs around me all the time. In dangerous maps I tend to stay back a bit and just cast skellies, the spectres in the front keep the fortify this way.

I tried to hit the +1 Spectre-Mod on the boots, but had to stop at the fortify/duration ones. This also increases duration of skellies, phase run, offerings etc, so I'm quite satisfied.

Your helmet is very nice, but I prefer to have life on mine.
Hi, im thinking about other support gems. In PoB elemental damage with weapon and elemental Focus give less dmg, then for example ruthless or maim. What you think about setup like: Vaal summon skeletons, minion damage, melee physical damage, multistrike, ruthles and melee splash?
Последняя редакция: LukBRG. Время: 28 марта 2020 г., 9:59:03
BTW I also dropped the Death Bishop and raised a "Ruins Hellion" to fight alongside the two chieftain. He uses Rallying Cry, which grants increased damage and mana regen to allies and it also taunts all enemies. Due to being supported by blood magic and increased duration in my boots, it's basically active 100% of the time as long as enemies are nearby. For bossing, the Bishop is probably better, but for mapping I like this one a lot more. He has permanent fortify, he never died on me even if he taunts huge packs.

What do you guys think of jewels like this one?

Edit: PoB is showing 100% chance to hit for my skeletons. Is PoB off or can I trust it? This would allow me to spec out of some points and re-invest them into a cluster jewel.
Последняя редакция: Siza1337. Время: 28 марта 2020 г., 15:57:47
can someone plise look at my build

i played dark pact before and had around 17 m dps but glass canon is not that good in this league. I switch and respec to this today with 13 ex budget i still have some gems to level up but my damage is terrible compere of what i had before. I legitimately couldn't kill transportation mission in t14 map till it finish full run. i couldn't kill mobs in blighted 14 map. delirium is not max 3 reword red beasts take 15 s to kill. plise look what i am doing wrong why my dps is so bad.

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