🏆 3.11 - Kelza`s VD 🏆 From SSF League Start up to EZ T19 100% 🏆

Bromeek написал:
How do you deal with Atziri clone phase? There's no way to control the attacks, and I keep getting killed by reflect.

Switch your left ring with Sibyl's Lament and change minor pantheon to Soul of Yugul then you take no reflect dmg at all.
Any ideas how to push single target dps without herald of ash??

Currently running in red maps which is working good so far.

Conquerers are more tough and here comes the problem of the single target.

I think that the herald of ash setup will take some time to be avaiable.

Can someone kindly break down how you able to achieve "90% Phys Mitigation"
buttcommander написал:
Can someone kindly break down how you able to achieve "90% Phys Mitigation"

me too
realVIP написал:
the build has been extremely fun , small question for everyone whos running this build .could it be worth grabbing the call to arms notable which is 2 points away from bloodless for the instant war cry?maybe for a possible enduring cry spam , would this be recommended? thank you

i'm actually using it .... Enduring cry is very powerfull, i use it instead of my life potion for healing (unless i'm bleeding).

the instant cast doesn't interupt anything, so you can "cry" whenever you want. Even while delving. I recommand it.
so im new to this kind of build and I cant seem to figure out one thing:
- Am i supposed to autoattack or use frenzy?
- If frenzy, how do i get it down to 0 mana?
I must say, spending the time + currency I had to get a half decent wand + finding someone to craft trigger for me made a huge difference. DPS feels so much higher and the build plays smoother. Did it around level 75, it will end up being a waste cause you will upgrade later but very much worth it IMO. Just find someone from the trade forums that is running a craft shop.
Im looking for a megalomaniac cluster jewel using this search form : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/Gl2rEO3hb

but it doesnt give a single result, it could be cuz its early league but i thought it was really stranga that not a single one has popped up in 8 hours with only 2 of the marked mods

Any tips?
Im having mana issues when fighting bosses, when have to sustain dps for more time, any tips?
Hi. I am new in PoE. And i want to try that build. But i have a question for you. When i start to play, clear Story, and begin to clean maps, what Amulet, and rings i need to use till i get Xoph and anguish>?

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