🏆 3.11 - Kelza`s VD 🏆 From SSF League Start up to EZ T19 100% 🏆

Miyavi написал:
I just got up to T16 and did a couple Shaper Guardians. Single target damage isn't just there.
I surely could invest into pumping up my damage in other ways, but the single target damage the HoAsh provides.. is just must needed.
I didn't notice hoa dmg that much single target tbh. Getting Detonate Dead in the 6link was much more of a single target dps increase.
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Khaze41 написал:
Calamitous visions up to 19ex... your budget tree is not very budget anymore.

Set your filter to "offline" as well and you'll see there's tons of cheap Calamitous Visions for sale, it's just temporary price-fxing. Don't buy into it.

Not that many already, unfortunately.
I got both rings.. and I'm expecting the price to go back to 4-7ex. If not, I'll just build another character I guess :/

Really? I'm running 5L so I can run a 3rd sps setup with DD. It's definitely much better than running a 6L with Hypotermia and no DD.. but I'm still suffering a lot in single target damage.

Does removing the third SPS setup and adding DD to the 6L affect in any way, or is it literally the same DPS wise?
"k, now we get into the important part. In this build, there will be several madatory items."

written when going over gear.

Still has SSF in the title... WTF?
"how did Calamitious Vision get so expensive?"

>people went offline

>some dickhead was the only guy online and listed his for 55 ex

>people logged back online and when they got whispered to buy their fairly-priced 4ex jewel, they pricechecked and go HOLY MOLY BETTER RELIST MINE FOR 55 EX

>they never fuckin sell

>eventually someone re-lists them at a fair price and the market unfucks itself

just wait guys lmao
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Yeah, this build has some very precise and very expensive required items. Just about every item is 5ex or more.
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Maestery написал:
is this legit build for endgame or jus something what only creator can take to endgame and facetank sirius and whatever and blow hardest bosses up in seconds? Just wondering before i waste my time on it.

I feel like a glass cannon. You die too many times to too many random things.
If you have 20 ex to gear up before it is fine, otherwise it is a glass cannon.

So basicaly there is nothing about that opsurvival the dude is talking about?

No, the guy talking about glass cannon is a moron.

I've played this since the start, and am way to lazy to dodge shit, and do not feel like a glass cannon at all.

I struggled to get max resists when I started maps, but still only died once every few maps. Once I finished off my resists, I had zero issues with death.

My gear is trash, but the only thing that I'm really at risk of dying from tons of delirium people deep in the map. Once I get my block stuff actually purchased, that will go away entirely.
LUXEdeJUNK написал:
"k, now we get into the important part. In this build, there will be several madatory items."

written when going over gear.

Still has SSF in the title... WTF?

Nothing is mandatory until you reach the end end end game. Which every single build has. You don't reach GG level of gearing without reaching mandatory items.

Read the leveling guide through the first/second iteration of the build. It doesn't cover any mandatory items (Except for trigger craft, but that's 100% SSF friendly)

Once you reach past that, you'll need to learn to SSF strongly in order to upgrade to super-duper op mode. I'm SSF this league and it's worked wonderfully.
When starting to upgrade gems to 20/20 or 21/20, what are the most important gems or the ones to upgrade first?

I read through the first 43 pages of this guide and made a lot of notes. Here is a link to the raw markdown version.

It seems that the original poster and creator of the guide is not playing this league, nor does he seem to respond to any comments or make any updates. As of June 29th, his last edit to the original post was June 18th (the same day he created it).

This is not meant as a complaint, only an observation, as it seems there is very little chance of the author providing updates, answering questions, or making changes. Thankfully, there is a great community on this thread who has stepped in to answer some questions.

Thanks to @Wyra, @Silema, @thebob1313, @Miyavi, @Iargue, @Shockilicious, and others for answering questions.

I intend to make an FAQ section compiled from the first week and half of 3.11 Harvest posts. The link below goes to the raw notes that I made about the questions and answers.

None of the answers or questions are my own. Please do not ask me for advice as I have yet to start this build

Wherever possible I linked to the page number of this thread, along with the username of the person who answered or posted a tip. That should make finding things easier. I wish that authors would add a section to their guides about how to search for threads. Since GGG doesn't provide the ability to confine a search to a specific thread, I use Google (site:pathofexile.com/forum/2874400 "search term").

As of Page 44, 6:45 PM (last post was from Iagrue)

LINK - Raw notes on thread (HackMD)

[Reserved for eventual Q&A]

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